Bill’s career in three Fortune 500 companies, a startup, and now in his consulting company—Mind IC LLC—has been in the field of intellectual capital management.

His focus has been on creating, uncovering, protecting, and extracting the value of companies’ intellectual capital. His expertise is in diverse areas of intellectual capital management: business cadre leadership, rights valuation, rights strategy, public policy, enterprise policy and process, transactions, patent protection, standards, and change management across the enterprise.

Along the way, in addition to focusing for nearly 20 years on intellectual capital management, he has been a program manager, product line manager, engineering department leader, strategic planner, licensing executive, and chair of a Fortune 500 company’s patent committee.

He is a former president and chair of the Licensing Executives Society USA and Canada (LES), was a director on the LES Board for many years, and is the former chair of the LES Standards Board. He has spoken at many conferences on various topics in intellectual capital management. And he is the recipient of LES’s prestigious Presidential Award for his contributions to LES Standards and to the field of intellectual capital management.

He is a former member of a government-industry committee charged by Congress with examining the then current statutes and regulations governing rights in intellectual capital in Department of Defense contracting and with making recommendations for their improvement. He served from June, 2016, through November, 2018, when the committee (which some called the Section 813 Panel, based on the authorization for its work in Section 813 of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act) submitted its recommendations and was disbanded. Many of the recommendations of the panel have already made their way into laws and regulations and others are in the process of being implemented by Congress and the Department of Defense.

He has published many articles on the subject of intellectual capital management and has been a frequent speaker at conferences and on webinars in the field.

He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He has master’s and doctoral degrees from Syracuse University.