Consulting Focus
Bill Elkington’s purpose in creating his consulting firm, Mind IC LLC, is to help companies improve the financial performance of their intellectual capital. The approach is to support development of business policies, business processes, and intellectual capital rights (and intangible products and services) valuation expertise to address a variety of common business issues in intellectual capital management. Typically, this work will require enterprise change. To help accomplish this change, Mind IC will also help with education, communication, organizational design, tools, metrics, audit, and change management (alignment—in the first instance—of the company’s leadership with the proposed change)…More


Bill Elkington wrote Mind IC:
Notes on Intellectual Capital Management to help business people with a number of field-tested ideas on how to significantly improve the financial performance of their companies’ intellectual capital. It is written in a conversational style and employs the language of business throughout.  The underlying business reality that drives the author’s focus is that the preponderance of companies’ equity value resides;…More


Bill Elkington has written several articles on diverse intellectual capital management subjects, which were published in IAM Magazine. PDFs of most of those articles are available here.


Bill Elkington
Bill’s career in three Fortune 500 companies, a startup, and now in his consulting company—Mind IC LLC— has been in the field of intellectual capital management.  His focus has been on creating, uncovering, protecting, and extracting the value of companies’ intellectual capital. …More